What we do.

At Wilson we specialise in precast concrete solutions, design build developments and civil and commercial construction.

Our goal is to ensure that you always get a superior solution. We are committed to building quality relationships with our customers ensuring that our products are continually developing and long lasting.

Wilson bring experience, innovation and quality to your project.


If you are after the latest techniques of precast segment design and manufacture for TBM tunnels and shafts, Wilson has the skills and expertise you are after. We are the only company with proven segmental lining experience in New Zealand.

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Wilson precast is one of the largest suppliers of quality precast concrete in New Zealand with over 30 years’ experience in commercial, residential and civil infrastructure sectors. We will provide you a superior precast concrete solution tailored to meet Engineer, Architect and Customer needs and requirements.

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Telecrete delivers underground networking solutions to the leading Telco companies requiring access to their lifelines.

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