Telecrete was the founding company of Wilson Group in 1990. Telecrete has established a long-term reputation for being the leading certified manufacturer for underground precast chambers and accessories for the Telecommunication and Power Networks New Zealand wide.

We design and manufacture our products with our customers in mind. We offer a two-pronged approach with either a purpose-built solution or Telechamber. A purpose-built solution is tailored where conditions prove to be highly demanding. A Telechamber approach is developed in-house for fast effective roll-out of services, saving the customer both time and money, yet maintaining durability and quality.

Our in-house design team can create solutions for all applications, footway, roadway and overload.

With a wide range of product sizes, materials and full package options Telecrete is your one stop solution for underground chamber and auxiliary requirements.

Telecrete is continually investing and innovating to ensure products move with the ever-developing power and IT networks.

What we do